3 Reasons why home Builder should present 3D Design

How many home builder provide you with 3D Design model? And by 3D model, it is not only front facade 3D model, but space by space, room by room 3D model?

Chance that none of them do that, or if your project have it, you paid these 3D model quite expensive.

On today post, we want to share our believe that why Home Builder must present their project in 3D model starting today.

Well, the simple answer is because 3D is already a normal everyday thing today. And why don’t people start using it to present their project, while once the home builder mastered it, everyone will benefit?

1. The 3D Design is already cheap

By cheap, we mean the software is affordable with advanced features compared to previous years. And also cheap compared to their 2D counterpart. So the main block of not migrating to 3D is because of lack of human resource.

However if the builder invest early, by enough training and experience, 3D will be new normal, like when 2D CAD become normal when replacing hand drawing

2. 3D Design indicate conflicting problems early on.

Building homes need more than one hundred type of materials. Each are placed at the exact place and exact sequences.

When design are still in 2D, the designer must have decent spatial skills to imagine how the design will be realized in 3D. The more spatial skills and experience one had, the more realistic the design.

However, home building project usually unique and different between one another. That way when building, the designer should still come to the project site to solve conflict between materials.

Some architect, as we stated on previous post, might rarely come to the site. So these conflicting problem is usually solved by field team which might have different solution from design intent.

By designing in 3D, this conflicting problem will be spotted in early design phase. The designer then can solve it even before building phase.

3. The Virtual Reality (VR) Era is near

Once upon a time, when building home, the designer give you 2D layout plan. To read it, you must have certain spatial skills to imagine how your home will be. And it might be different since your imagination and the designer’s might be different.

Then, in early 3D era, the interior rendering is a new breakthrough. Nowadays, for some fee, you can have your interior space rendered to give you estimate feel about how the space will be. But this rendering process usually only design only 1-3 rooms, not the overall building.

But on the last 5 years, Virtual Reality is already a realistic thing. The Virtual Reality already enter the gaming industry and in near future professional industry will adapt them too. These VR will use complete 3D model as their base.

When it ready for home building industry. This 3D model, combined with Virtual Reality will be very helpful for you as home owners. It gives you 80% feels of what your building will be so you will less worry knowing what kind of building you are paying for.

Starting in 2019, Sunggiardi Construction have been providing a comprehensive 3D model of the home for our clients. We might not reach VR era yet. But exploring 3D model in notebook monitor is already close enough. at least for now.

And when that era is here. We sure be the first one to adapt in Indonesia Home Building industry.

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