We, the members of Sunggiardi Construction , hereby pledge our service for you:

We pledge to listen and answer to all your inquiry before, on, and after we do business together.

We pledge that all of our action are for helping our clients and not for our short term personal gain

We pledge to do the design as effective as we can. We will use all of our expertise and knowledge to make sure you building is quakeproof while not over design.

We pledge to do our job based on fairness. We shall not do blame game and tolerate any of it. 

We pledge to maintain our excellence quality by commitly provide the trinity of quality: best workmanship, best supervision, best management.

We pledge to survive on this business for at least the next 50 years. 

We pledge to treat our labor as partner and provide financial aid as needed. That way we expect them to optimally do the job.

We pledge to stay true to our job. We shall not do or take bribe. Any proven will be considered as serious issues and result in immediate termination.