How Much do You Care?

For more than 50 years, the first and second generation of Sunggiardi Construction have pass down one things which is repeatedly said, if not dogmatised, to all people involved. It is a simple question:

"How much do you care?"

One question with a deep meaning. Caring for the client is the main culture of Sunggiardi Construction. It is a culture which sum up all of years experiences and will be the foundation of the company for years to come.

However, when talking about how much do you care is a very broad and abstract topic, especially for new member of the company That way, we transcribe care into four minimum standard in 4 aspects: Competency, Accountability, Reliability, and Environmental Consciousness



On premium business, there is very little gap for errors. Significant errors are not acceptable. Therefore, everyone must really know what they are doing.

The company will always send the best people to get the job done. So your project will never become a tester and a place for learning basic things.

On the time where we had no competency on specific skills, we will hire the most competent third party we know available in market, under our responsibility to get the job done.

If we completely have no competency to help you. We will never be ashamed to admit it upfront. So you are not making wrong decision.




Many competent individuals who are too confident for their skills, but when things go wrong, they tend to blame other party.

This kind of childish attitude are unfortunately common in professional construction industry. We know and admit that, so we endlessly educate our staff, labours, and vendors to avoid that. We are campaigning that all mistakes and errors occurred in the field are contributed by all party involved and there is no time to play blame game, instead, we should focus on how to resolve it.


Since construction business is a business which involves many people, plan are often go wrong. However, it cannot become an excuse for us to slacking off. Our staffs, labours, and vendors are educated to become reliable.

We are avoiding the practice of false hopes; promising impossible deliveries just because it is nice to hear, but will never be done. We honestly assess ourselves on what things are really in our control and what things aren't, and most importantly how to distinguish between those two. then, we are doing as hard as we can to fulfil the promises to do things we can control.

Environmental Consciousness

What good is you if you are competent, accountable, reliable, but is not conscious for the surrounding? Didn't a robot do that better than you?

Environmental Consciousness is the one thing that makes us a human. On everything we do, we have to stop and feel the surrounding. We have to know what have been impacted by our action? (furthermore, on the next level, what will be impacted?)

In this world, your action will affect everything near you; things like pictures, chairs, and tables, animals like your pets or even insects, and obviously other people; your family, your colleagues, and your clients. By doing assessment on who will be impacted and how they will be impacted, you will act in better judgement.