Are you a fresh graduate looking for exciting project experience?

or an experienced professional want to change your environment?

Sunggiardi Construction might be a suitable company for you.

Sunggiardi Construction has a vision to become the best in construction business. We aspire to do all things right and satisfactory for our clients and surrounding environment. In order to reach that, Sunggiardi Construction only accept top performers and individuals who always challenge themselves to reach new levels.


Higher Compensation Standard

We believe that if you aren't paid enough, you will never perform as we expected. So our salary range will be higher than industry standard.

Sunggiardi Construction also acknowledge all extra works which bring extra value to the company. We had Semester Bonus based on personal performance and yearly bonus based on personal and company performances.

The Importance of Mental Health

Working in Construction industry might be hazardous to your health. It also famous to has higher divorce rate than other industry.

We understand and constantly remind you that you are working for your family. So when working with Sunggiardi Construction, you are expected to put yourself and your family first before your work. Here, we give you 12 extra leave days for you to take whether you feel stress out or need some time with your family. We expect our staff to use this leave responsibly and make sure all of their promised task have been finished.

Flexible Working Time Option

We value your time and dislike long hours at office. Of course you are still expected to be reached on normal working hours. All management line will work on Flexible Working Hour, while Staff level will have an option for Flexible Working Hour perks. 

How to Join?

For other company, your resume and academic achievement might be your first key to open the door of opportunity. For us, it is a little bit different.

We value your attitude and view to see the world more than your skills.

So the main requirement to join Sunggiardi Construction is No Resume, and No Graduation Certificate. You do not even have to be Architect or Civil Engineer to join us.

BUT, we want you to make a video and send us the link, which answer these 2 basic questions: Why you want to join Sgd Construction? and Why we should accept you to our company?

Send the link to and give proper subject and head letters so the AI is not directly send your e-mail to spam.

Be candid and honest since we do not accept normative answers.