Our services are formed with careful thought. We strive to provide buildings where our clients will live life, love and laugh. It is our great responsibility to provide such personalised spaces to be enjoyed in the company of colleagues, friends, and family. The way to achieve that is by our approach.

“Your Shoes, not Mine”

Throughout the process. All of our design concept are rooted from that question; If I am in your shoes, will I proud with the house?

And that questions is also applied to the details like; If I am in your shoes? Will ...

  • the room is wide enough for us?
  • the toilet space is enough?
  • I take the shower comfortably with this space?
  • my toddler safe here?
  • I have hard time cleaning the house?
  • etc..

Stepping into other shoes are proved to be the most difficult role in human interaction. We are constantly train this skill by doing 3 activities:

One : Live the Life, We believe that one cannot provide something that is unknown for oneselfWe constantly feel how to become a customer of luxury services; luxury hotels, designer brands shops, luxury cars showroom, etc. We actively compare and compile how the premium service should be and apply it to our business. 

Two : Observation, One of the aspect of luxury is personalised. So, even we understand how to provide luxury service, we still have to observe your life. We will have to do visit to your home, doing some questions to your family member in order to know your preference better. 

Three : Communication, Observation makes general sense of your personal. But to perfectly realise your building as your image require communications. During the process, we will have active listening to your request, your hopes, your fear, even your out of topic talks. That way, we can know you better, and in the end, serve you better.

Material Sourcing

We make sure to study thoroughly about all materials we use. We study the component of the material; what is the source, what is their characteristic, where is the source made / mine, how do they assemble it into material, who is the assembler, why they use the source (advantage vs disadvantage), what is the alternative, etc.

All of these questions are asked to make sure that we are confident with the material and makes us easier to compare with new material alternatives which might invented in the future.


Encourage Teamwork

Construction Service business is all about great teamwork. The ideal state of teamwork is when all individuals are accountable and trust each other.

That is why our talent officers always search for the right man on the right place who can work together.

Our belief is that a team which has one selfish A player will make a B team, while a team consist of trusting and accountable B players is an A Team.  

We also give perks to our team such as extra mental leave to make sure that everyone come to work focused. 

The management have history to not hesitate firing high performer who hinder the overall project for the sake of "feel good and needed"

Humanising the Human

The company is for profit business, not a social foundation.

However, as stated in our vision statement, we believe that everyone will contribute fully to the company only and if only their family needs are fulfilled. So, for year we devised an aid plan for our labours. So that their family back in their home are fulfilled.

Furthermore, our 2025 goals is to increase our labour welfare by providing house betterment initiative. Our goal is that our labours, while making premium houses can provide more than decent houses for their family. 

As for staff, we understand that construction industry have high divorce rate, so we had family first policy. If someone at any time have family problem, they can have leave to solve the problem without loosing position in the company.


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