Demolish & Rebuild – Mid Class Residence at Jakarta

This project belongs to a middle ages couple with two daughters. One has been married for 2 years and the other was expected to marry soon. Originally, the house was one floor building which had only two bedrooms. The couple wanted the house to has spare rooms so their daughter’s future family can spend the night or two in their house.

Design & Layouts

As this is a small sized house, we decided to implement a modern minimalist design with monochrome colors. The house would have 2 floors with three bedrooms (and one babysitter / maid bedroom). The layout is optimized by Feng Shui. The wastewater drainage is designed so it didn’t flow through kitchen and bedrooms. As the result, the home is cozy and livable. The only problems is some area, especially on 2nd floors are quite hot on sunny weather. But it can be anticipated with air conditioners.

Project Challenge

The most challenge for this project is the location. Like most West Jakarta housing complex, the local road is quite small and there is barely open spaces for material storage. So we cannot bring bulk size materials, which decrease the cost efficiency.