Gereja Kristus Pos Kartini

An old religious community in corner of Bogor need immediate renovation. It is leaking and some of the roof structure have broken. We contribute what we do best; the construction service.

Design & Layout

Since it is located near heritage area, we are making a minimalist facade with a hint of colonialism architecture. While the inside is more modern. The use of wood is limited only for door panels.

The building consist of two area; praying hall and annex area, which serve as administration and meeting area.

Priscilla Hardian, which is a talented Interior Designer from Bogor, made the interior concept and works on some details in the project.

We also have contribution from M-Class as a roof tile supplier.

Project Challenge

Since it is an old building, it has no good structural concept. We have to do some structural support here and there. Fortunately, since it is only one story building, the additional supports are relative simple.