Mandala Multi Finance Office Tower

A medium rise building is planned to be built on a prime location in Bogor. Sgd Construction is pleased to have the opportunity to join the construction process.

Design & Layout

The architectural design is created by collaboration of Studio 69 and ANDP architect. The architect have a minimalist design with white fins as the facade. They also required a cantilevered structure on 4th floor.

The building will function as new office for Bogor branch for Mandala Finance. However, the 3rd and 4th floor will be reserved for training space and BOD office while in Bogor.

The structural and MEP design is also carefully designed by private consultants.

Project Challenge

This is a medium rise building. The major issues is that there is a slight dispute about the cantilever along the project. The first one is about how long the cantilever can be structured. Then there is structural joint issues which make a drawback for 3 months. However it is resolved professionally.

One non technical issues is about the road