Limited Renovation of a Tropical House

The customer had a twin house compound in Jakarta. Both were in termite infestation state. One of the house is vacant, while the other is occupied. Aside from infestation, the home is also full of leakage, so the renovation was a must. The customer did not want to rebuild the home, so this is a limited renovation project.

Design & Layout

This was a limited renovation so the frame of the house was not disturbed. The house was a classic tropical themed house, with marble flooring and terracota style ceramics. Since termite and leakage were main issues, we totally replaced the roof. We also did some treatment to some area which was suspected as the main area of leakage. The treatment included concrete casting. We also repainted the wooden doors and windows to make it polished. again.

At the end of the project. The home color theme was changed from cream to black and white.

Project Challenge

Like challenge in all limited renovation projects. We had no technical as-built drawings so we had to probe for potential unseen problems which might be occurred after the project finished. We found that the main drainage is destroyed and we had to replace it, resulting in demolishing some of marble flooring.

At the hand over period, we had another problem, the leakage on the master toilet. It seems that in the previous renovation, the contractors repair the toilet, but not fully closed the holes. So it is still leaking. But in the end, we fulfill the renovation objectives; no leakage; no termites; and no cracking.