Retaining Walls Project

Every year, During heavy rain seasons, we always have emergency request from our clients, usually because of landslides or floods failure. This is one of the example 

Design & Layout

Our clients have a large chunk of land on Mt. Salak mountainous area. Most of this area are below the road. One day, the existing perimeter walls slides into the property and destroy every plants and structure on its way. We were asked to investigate and fix it.

While we investigate, it is clear that the wall foundation is shallow, and the slides are caused by water active pressure to the ground beneath. So, as the ground lost its cohesiveness, it cause landslides while pulling every structure above with it.

After carefully research the soil types, we decided to create 6 meters gravity walls to make sure the event will never happen again in the future. 

Project Challenge

6 meters Gravity walls is no joke. It requires large amount of stones, which quite difficult because of location seclusion. 

The other problems is that we are working under heavy rain seasons. The wall length was planned to be 80 meters, but we cannot just do it simultaneously because open cut soil might trigger another landslide. So, we have to do it in 3 phases.