5 Indicators if your House is Your Home

The word “Home Sweet Home” is used often anywhere. But do you really have a home instead a house?

Sunggiardi Construction compile 5 indicator, when you should call your house a home:

1. a Home is the place where you are longed for every day

Do you spend your days in your office? or even you travel a lot in your life? Staying on first class airplanes and luxury hotels? Do, despite of everything you had that day, you still miss your house, your bed ? If the answer is yes, then your house is your home.

Because no matter how extravagant a place you are in right now, your home is different, in a better way , that’s move us to next point:

2. a Home is suited to your lifestyle, not the way around

Your home might not the most luxurious place in the world. There are more building more luxurious than yours. You liked some of them and loath some. But you know that those place has no personal touch for you.

All hotels provide more or less same wardrobe configuration. But your home’s wardrobe should be different. Your wardrobe should say more about you. If you a woman and for example, you like to collect bags, then you should design your wardrobe to facilitate more bags than shoes.

Or, maybe you like cooking, your kitchen should support that. If you like to hang out with your family on your bedroom, your room should be more spacious than bedrooms on other houses.

If you like to hang out in your bedroom, but because it is small, you are hanging out in living room, maybe that’s not your home yet.

No Matter How Luxurious your Walk in Closet, if it is not personalised, then it is not a part of your home

3. You should be able to shout to the world that your home is the best investment you ever have, just not financially.

Creating your home might cost you a significant wealth. It is one of largest cost you spend at your lifetime. And financially, your home are deteriorating each day, causing additional cost to maintain it, making it is not best investment available.

However, good homes soothe your mind. And your mind is the one who makes all wealth you have are there. So creating a home means that you reward yourself of the achievement you make all these years, furthermore, you make a sanctuary for your mind to achieve more in the future.

So it IS the best investment, just don’t calculate it financially.

4. a Home is a place where your best memories are made

A home should have soul, It is not only because your family lives there, but because you create memories there. Your home should be a witness of your joy and sorrow. A witness of your struggle and success. And a place for celebrating all best things you have in the world, on personal level.

Because in the end, you will forget about the restaurant or grand hall where you got your lifetime achievement awards. But you will hardly forget a bed where your children grew up, space where your dreams are made, and where your older relatives dying. All of them, good or bad, are personal memories, your best memories.

5. a Home is a place where you can leave the world behind

If you come home with all burden like stressed at work, have many deadlines, or unresolved issues on the day. Your home should make you think less of those.

Yes, you can’t forget all of your problems, but your mind need rest, so they can face the world again with fresh ideas and solution. Only a home can help you do that.

Bonus : Can you Change Home Over Years?

Some people in their life are moving from houses to houses just because they easily get bored. So can we change home over years?

We believe that home are organic following your life. You might not have enough wealth at start. So you might start on small house, where you fill it with memories and personality. Gradually, when you accumulate enough, you build a larger house and claim it your new living spaces. On those cases, where you typically moves once or twice, we might say that both of your house are your home. It only get upsized.

But if every one or two years you move out on more or less same houses. Then, we would say that you have not found your dream home yet.

We at Sunggiardi Construction believe that a lack of personality is what made your house is not your home. So we suggest you to consult with us on how to make you a home that you dream about.

Updated FAQs about Custom Home Construction Service

Notes about FAQs

This FAQs are originally come from the interview between Let’s Move Indonesia and us back in 2016. We see the need that this FAQ should be updated so it will be still relevant on 2018.

Q: How long have you been designing and building homes?

A: Sunggiardi Construction as a family business has been around since 1960s. What makes us unique is some of our workmen have been working with us since my father’s era, some are from my grandfather’s!

Q: What do you think are the benefits of designing your own custom home rather than buying one from a developer or other person?

A: Well, for a start, We see our client as an unique entity. Some people want a larger bedroom, others a larger dining room, some people love the idea of a walk in wardrobe where as some would rather have extra bathroom space. Ultimately if you buy from developers or other people, you might have to compromise.

We also found that every culture have their layout preferences. Take example for kitchen. Some culture like to have two kind of kitchen, the other one like to have a borderless kitchen-dinning room, There is also some culture who like to have an open kitchen at the back of the house. Usually Developers design the layout based on their target market. And it might not be you.

If you have a house designed only for you, You might have a home which support your lifestyle. Custom home in our view must be in flow with your activity from the moment you wake up in the morning until you get back into bed at night.

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