Updated FAQs about Custom Home Construction Service

Notes about FAQs

This FAQs are originally come from the interview between Let’s Move Indonesia and us back in 2016. We see the need that this FAQ should be updated so it will be still relevant on 2018.

Q: How long have you been designing and building homes?

A: Sunggiardi Construction as a family business has been around since 1960s. What makes us unique is some of our workmen have been working with us since my father’s era, some are from my grandfather’s!

Q: What do you think are the benefits of designing your own custom home rather than buying one from a developer or other person?

A: Well, for a start, We see our client as an unique entity. Some people want a larger bedroom, others a larger dining room, some people love the idea of a walk in wardrobe where as some would rather have extra bathroom space. Ultimately if you buy from developers or other people, you might have to compromise.

We also found that every culture have their layout preferences. Take example for kitchen. Some culture like to have two kind of kitchen, the other one like to have a borderless kitchen-dinning room, There is also some culture who like to have an open kitchen at the back of the house. Usually Developers design the layout based on their target market. And it might not be you.

If you have a house designed only for you, You might have a home which support your lifestyle. Custom home in our view must be in flow with your activity from the moment you wake up in the morning until you get back into bed at night.

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