From the beginning, we desire to help people to fulfil their wish to have exceptional buildings on time. Our business is a service business. And as premium service, We benchmark our service to luxury hotels; a combination of best material sourcing available  with hugely committed and care teams, to create an extraordinary experience that personalized with fine details. These are precisely the service levels that our clients receive and have come to expect whilst working with us.

Premium Home Package

Based on our 50 years of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, we understand that it is difficult to have a contractor who really care about your home project. Therefore, we reinvent our home building service into a Premium Home Building Service.

In this service, Your Home will be handled personally by a Master Builder, which has company director level authority.

The Master Builder will be ready for your home project 7 days a week and will visit your project for direct supervision at least twice a week.

Due to high intensity of commitment, we will only receive 3 projects per Master Builder at a time.

More details can be downloaded here

Commercial Construction and Project Management Service

If one day, you decide to build commercial buildings (factory, warehouses, and offices) and do not have confidence to do it yourself, you can consider to contact us.

Unlike home building, most of your daily issues in commercial building project will be to mediate childish attitude of many kind of contractors and vendors.

For years, our staff have been heavily forged to leave the ego; the need to show off technical abilities and territorial play to focus on project completion with desired time, quality, and cost.

Our service enable clients to focus on their main business and leave the building business with trust to us.


Premium Home Maintenance Service

Most contractors and designers cares only the first year look. They took some photos and it is good for their porto-folio. On the year 3, when most buildings start to show decays, they are busy with their new projects without any intention to looking back.

We create initiative to remedy this pain by creating The Maintenance Package for your Private Homes.

In this service, with monthly fee, we will take care of all aspect of your home, including maintenance, regular deep cleaning, repainting and on some cases, replacing some parts, so that as your home ages, the condition is still like-new. This way; you can go home without seeing annoying cracks, leaks, and moulds. You wouldn't sacrifice important meeting just for the sake waiting for AC guy to do maintenances too.

Our job is not redundant with your housemaids. Furthermore, we will train them to do regular cleaning to keep most of the things shining as it should be.


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