The History

Sunggiardi Construction's history started at 1960s at Bogor, a city 60km south of Jakarta, Indonesian Capital.  Back then, a newly independence Indonesia didn't have many quality architect and civil engineers. Arthur Sunggiardi's experience on Colonial Construction Bureau and his talent to create architecture drawings make him one of trusted contractor in Bogor that time. His works can be seen mostly on Jalan Suryakencana, Bogor.

An ilustration of Jalan Suryakencana decades ago. by Reza's talented aunt, Hanny Widjaja. To see more of her painting, visit
An ilustration of Jalan Suryakencana decades ago by Reza's talented aunt, Hanny Widjaja. To see more of her painting, visit her site here

On late 1970s, After spending sometime, working together, Ricardo, Arthur's son, took over the business. Ricardo Sunggiardi is known to pay attention to smallest details in his construction projects. After some while, he specialized on luxury home constructions. 

As for 2016, With the assistance of his son, Reza Sunggiardi, the company took a legal form, hence PT Sunggiardi Prima Konstruksi are established. While Reza manages all day to day business, Ricardo still actively advice and visit the projects to make sure that despite of all new trends, the company still uphold the core value; the high quality standard, reliability, and personalized approach to client.

Three Generation of Sgd Construction Owner

Men Behind Sunggiardi Construction

Throughout the years, each generation bring a new way, which makes the company become a unique combination as a modern construction company with the wisdom of old ways as its core values. Nowadays, while the company mostly using computers and power tools to do the work more precise and quicker, some proven method from first generation is still widely used.

The company also develop a solid relationship with its labors. Most of our labor started on the very young age in the company as a mere helper. Today, they have become master-craftsmen and the core of our team.

The Vision

We strive to become company in the world who are known not only providing quality products and services for our clients but also for providing real, significant welfare to our employees and labours.

We believe that to provide premium quality products and services, ones' family needs have to be fulfilled first.

Because it is inhuman if a man provide satisfactory service to a stranger, at the cost of his family. 


Our Differentiator

We believe that by entrusting building process to builder. Everyone have rights to be provided a quality of construction craftsmanship.

We took that to next level, not by only increasing the standard above acceptable level, but also adding value of builder service;

We redefine the meaning of construction service as a combination of top of the line professional builders with hotel grade butler service, which care more about our clients' needs throughout building process.

Benefit of our Clients

By entering a contract with us, you are benefited for three main:

  1. You will be served with people with C.A.R.E attitude
  2. We will serve you based on 8 Pledges of Building Service
  3. We will give you a Guarantee for our service, which you never found in other builder before.

Going from Here

To find more information of Sunggiardi Construction, please see What we do and How we do it.

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