Why There is no Quality Post in Construction?

If you are googling for construction related articles regarding construction in Indonesia, e.g: What is the difference between concrete and steel for structure? Chance is you get very low quality articles who do not answer your question.

Furthermore, if you are searching down the google search result, you can find several website offering the exact same, low quality articles that you read minutes ago. Why is that?

Low Respect of Copyright

Indonesian are well known for its copyright piracy, especially on articles. One of the reason is because the academic industry do not encourage write and read. So when there are paper assignment, most student just copy paste from internet and submit it as their own. Ironically, the professors seems do not know that it is a copy paste articles; or maybe do not care.

That is why when someone need their blog to be filled up fast and regularly, they just pick up relevant enough subject and repost it on their website. Some change their title, some credit the source where they copy paste it. They might be think that by changing title and giving credit, they do not violate copyright. But it is violating.

Copy Paste Low Quality Post

The additional of this piracy problem is that they spread low quality post. The post that is just there to increase their page rank in search engine. So if you really need a good articles to answer your question, you won’t find it on Indonesian language google search. You might have to search it in English. But other problem appeared: English articles are usually not always suitable to Indonesian industry condition.

We was in that situation before and now we want to become solution for it. So, we provide this website as the solution. If you encountered this website, read this post, and have unique questions about construction or home building, which can’t be found in textbook or other website. We would happily answer it for you on our special post.

We also offer you our book about basic of home building which you can find out more here.

Okay that’s all for now. See you on other post !!!

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